Le Vive Juice – Ultimate Review! New Healthy Anti-Aging Drink – OK, I’m Hooked!

March 21, 2023 by No Comments

There are so many nutrition drinks on the market today, many have not met or passed the basic “taste test” or even the basic nutrition necessities one needs for the body. Many nutrition drinks also usually leave a horrible after taste in your mouth. And worst of all, many people have thrown away cases and wasted hard earn money just because the taste alone was unbearable.

There is a new healthy anti-aging nutrition drink on the market today and it consists of the world’s most 5 powerful fruits. It is a healthy delicious and fruity tasting liquid supplement. It’s recommend dosage is that you only need 2-3oz a day and at most twice a day. Here’s the specific organic berries this miraculous juice is packed with:

1) Acai Berry – (Legendary fruit from the Amazon that contains 10-33 times more antioxidants than grapes used for red wine)

2) Mangosteen – (An Asian native that has caused a commotion with is splendid flavor. Known as the Queen of Fruits, possesses high levels of xanthones).

3) Pomegranate – (One of the oldest fruits known to man. Rich in vitamins A, B & C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, sodium and fiber).

4) Goji Berry – (Considered miraculous since ancient times. Rich in polysaccharides; with 18 amino acids, vitamins A, C, B & E, 21 minerals, proteins, fiber and Omega-3 and Omega-6 oils).

5) Noni – (Used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years to cure different conditions. It contains polysaccharide-based nutrients, organic acids, vitamins and minerals).

Now months later a 6th organic fruit, “Cranberry” was added to the additional 5 berries as mentioned above. This is actually good to know that now there are actually 6 organic fruits in this one bottle. According to The Cranberry Institute; “Cranberries contain proanthocyanidins (PACs) that can prevent the adhesion of certain of bacteria, including E. coli, associated with urinary tract infections to the urinary tract wall. The anti-adhesion properties of cranberry may also inhibit the bacteria associated with gum disease and stomach ulcers.”

There are many good reasons and health benefits of taking this powerful anti-aging nutrition liquid supplement. For one, it can help reduce stress, it is a mood enhancer (may help combat depression); it can help control high blood pressure levels and diabetes. Another key health benefit is that it may help you prevent cancer and much more! The only downside is that this nutrition juice drink is not sold in stores but you can purchase one from an authorized independent distributor.

As you can probably already tell, this health drink is packed with everything you need in one tall 26fl oz bottle, so it is easy to be hooked on it, because now I’m hooked! With every other type of nutrition drink that is out on market today, this juice has it all and can be taken by the whole family to maintain an overall state of good health.