Ice Flaker Machine or Supreme Quality Ice Making Equipments

February 9, 2023 by No Comments

The ice flaker machines are an absolute necessity for our blood banks and hospitals dealing with routine blood and tissue samples and research laboratories carrying out genetic testing, molecular biology, and biochemistry and biotechnology experiments. They serve as effective tools for biosynthesis and chemosynthesis experiments by maintaining the reaction rate through effective temperature regulation and are also used in bakeries and other food industries as the most ideal temperature controlling equipments. The ice flaker machines also find use in the fishing industry for faster cooling of the sea food and other sea products to keep them fresh for long and in the food processing industries to cool the processed foods while still retaining the moisture within.

The Ice flaker machine is basically used to make flake ice, a type of dry, non-sticky ice used extensively in research laboratories, pharmaceutical industries, food industries and construction sites for cooling processes due to its outstanding refrigerating effect. The Flake ice is made from a mixture of brine and water and is characterized by a flat and thin shape for increased area of contact that allows rapid heat exchange and faster cooling of the contact material. It is used for storage and transport of biological samples requiring preservation at low temperatures and for cooling of food items and concrete used for construction of buildings and infrastructure.

The ice flaker machines generally require a less start-up time of around 10-15 minutes to start the production of initial batches of ice flakes and are designed for continuous production with an easy extraction system for ease of use. The machines are equipped with a storage bin of appropriate storage capacity to meet the requirements of the industry and an automatic cut off system that signals the machine to cease ice production when the storage bin is full. The ice flaker machines are also equipped with other safety features such as an automatic cut off system for low water level and a geared motor to protect the machine from overheating and high voltage.

These ice flaker machines use microprocessor based controls for temperature that are highly accurate and user friendly. The equipment has a very sturdy construction with highly resistant, corrosion proof external and internal surfaces that protect it from rusting and corrosion due to constant exposure to water and air. The ice flaker machine uses environmental friendly CFC free cooling for better energy efficiency and effective PUF insulation that protects the machine from temperature fluctuations.

The ice flaker machines are available in both standard and customized models to meet individual customer specifications and are quite light in weight for ease of portability. Most of the models are also equipped with castor wheels for easy movement. They are available in various sizes in visually appealing and pleasant designs that complement the overall look of the equipment while retaining the functionality and ease of operation.