How to Use the Cosmetic Safety Database to Find Safe Skin Care Products

January 29, 2023 by No Comments

Many consumers of cosmetics and skin care products are becoming aware that many of these products, and in particular the big brand names which you see on the shelves of the local store, may contain many ingredients that are suspect at best and may damage your health and your skin at worst. And one of the best places you can go to find out more about this is the Cosmetic Safety Database.

The Cosmetic Safety Database, which you can find at, is the first place that I go to research more well-known products looking to find out more information about safe skin care products and safe cosmetics.

The Cosmetics Safety Database is a website where you are able to search either products, ingredients in products or manufacturers of products to find out more information about possible health risks from using various personal products such as skin care products like moisturizers, day creams and night creams, many different cosmetics and other personal products such as deodorants shampoos and soaps and much more.

If you visit the database you’ll see a search bar there. Enter the name of the product, an ingredient name or the name of the manufacturer and you’ll be presented with some interesting information.

The database ranks products and ingredients on a scale of 0 to 10. 0 indicates no risk to your health, or what they call a low hazard, whilst 10 indicates what they call a high hazard to your health. Any products or ingredients that get a score of 7 to 10 are all listed as high hazard.

If you’re looking at an individual product you will also see the specific health risks which the Cosmetic Safety Database considers may be attached to that product. For example the categories of health risk which may be indicated include cancer, developmental or reproductive toxicity, allergies and immunotoxicity, and many other health concerns including one which may worry you if you’re buying skin care products, namely the risk of irritation to your skin.

Yes unfortunately a wide range of anti aging skin care products contain ingredients which are considered a risk of irritation to your skin.

If you’re aware of the problems of dangerous ingredients in skin care products and cosmetics then the database is a very good place to start some more research. Perhaps start with the name of the product you’re considering buying, and then research more about any ingredient of concern. Or if you have a product at home that is worrying you you can search the database for information about the individual ingredients listed on the label.

For example soduim lauryl sulfate is an ingredient in some soaps and shampoos which has been in the news lately for possible health concerns. Plug soduim lauryl sulfate into the database as a search and see what information you can find.

It’s fair to say that the scores awarded at the Cosmetic Safety Database should be considered as a general indication only. At the database you’ll see an indication of what they call a “data gap”. A data gap is where there is an absence of sufficient research information including toxicity studies and safety assessments. Therefore the information presented, or the score, is based on insufficient data in many cases.

And of course this is the nub of the problem. Every year there are thousands of chemicals introduced to our products, including our skin care products and cosmetics, many of which or almost all of which have not been tested for safety for use on people. They may be safe to your skin or your health, or they may not be. In most cases nobody knows, and I question the use of these types of chemicals in products used on your skin until they are proven safe.

The presence of a data gap indicates a problem of itself in my view.

So there you have some basic information on the use of the Cosmetic Safety Database if you’re looking to find out more about safe skin care products and safe cosmetics that you can use clear in the knowledge that using these products will not compromise your health, and will improve, rather than irritate, your skin.

There are excellent safe skin care products available on the market which work extremely well to promote better skin health. However they are manufactured by small niche skin care companies which do not have the marketing budgets to compete with the large players. The Cosmetic Safety Database is one place where you can do some more background research about the products produced by the large players.

And if you’re interested to find out more about which skin care products are safe skin care products to promote better skin health at an affordable price visit my website.