How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks – 3 Easy Stretch Mark Removal Tips

February 7, 2023 by No Comments

How to get rid of stretch marks is one of the most asked questions women ask. Stretch marks are basically formed when there is a stretching of the middle layer of the skin, this layer is called the dermis. The skin is effectively stretched and becomes transparent and to the naked eye making the skin look unsightly and discoloured. Most stretch marks fade in time leaving a silvery gray look to the affected skin. New stretch marks are even worse and for a number of months can have a red to purple look which makes them stand out even more.

The mental torture of this to women is horrendous. Most women who have these marks are very self conscious and refuse to wear clothing that will reveal these horrible looking marks. Stretch marks on the legs, buttocks and breasts make holidays a nightmare for women who hate the though of wearing bikinis. Even skirts that may reveal these marks on the legs are a big no.

Luckily there are remedies to this problem. Lets take a look at how you can get rod of these marks without the use of surgery which is very expensive and has been know to leave scars which in itself defeats the whole object. Removing stretch marks and leaving scars in there place is no answer to the problem.

3 easy removal tips

1. Number 1 on our list of ways to get rid of the problem is the use of creams. There are many wonderful creams that remove scar tissue as well as marks. Products that contain Retin A are proven to work. Vitamin A is also great for skin health and a must if you have want mark free skin.

2. Number 2 on our list is a chemical peel is again a very easy way to get rid your marks. A chemical peel works by removing enough layers of skin to remove the stretch marks altogether. Chemical peels are widely used and do work but please be warned this is quite a painful method of removal.

3. Number 3 is advanced massage therapy alongside a healthy eating diet and weekly exercise routine. There are several exercises that help tighten the skin and repair the damage that has been caused. Cycling for instance is great for the legs. Swimming is a great overall body workout that tightens and defines the major muscle groups such as the legs, chest and buttocks. All areas usually affected by this horrible condition. Massage therapy also helps to repair the affected skin.

Here are some more tips that will help you, reduce your intake of coffee, drinking green tea and adding healthy foods high in vitamin A and E in replace of fatty foods also helps rejuvenate the skin and repair some of the damage. Drink lots of water, at least a litre a day. Sun exposure is also a proven contributor to this problem so make sure to wear sun block when venturing outside.

My final advice would be to pick one of the methods above, the healthy eating and exercise plan is the best starting point and of course its free. Stick with it for a few months before trying the other more costly methods. It works just stay the course.