How To Get Glowing Skin Like The Stars

April 9, 2023 by No Comments

Celebrities and movie stars always look picture perfect with glowing skin and beautiful smile when they are on the red carpet. This beautiful skin tone is something viewers like you covet over anything else. Make up is one answer to the question of how to get glowing skin; but a much better answer is following a balanced lifestyle. When you change your lifestyle for better, your skin’s health automatically will be better and it will glow from inside without help of any makeup, which many times create more problems for your skin. Getting this lifestyle is also not a hard work; just make some changes and soon people will be asking you tips on how to get glowing skin like you have.


A build-up of grease and dead skin cells on your face and body is one obstacle to getting a beautiful skin. That is why exfoliate with a mild scrubber every day to remove these dead skin cells and help your dull skin regain its life back. When you exfoliate, it also becomes easy for your skin to absorb those moisturizers and other lotions that you use to make your skin healthier. When you are incorporating this exfoliating routine to your daily skin care beauty regime, make sure you do not overdo it as it can dry out your skin.

Lotions and Masks

To rejuvenate lifeless dull skin, it is very important to use masks and lotions that moisturize it along with rejuvenation. Tight pores, reduced blemishes and smooth skin become a reality when you use skin masks. As for which types to use, buy those lotions and skin masks that have vitamins, herbs and soothing oils in them. After exfoliations, use such lotions and masks for increasing the amount of moisture that will be absorbed by your skin pores. It will replenish the lost oils and make your skin healthy from inside.

Eating Right and Sleep

The answer to how to get glowing skin lies in what you eat and how long you hit the sack. For getting a healthy skin, it is very important that you eat right and sleep well; a fact that many of us either ignores or is unaware of. Go for wholesome drinks and foods and your skin will show the effect of such good lifestyle. Your diet should have Vitamin C rich foods like yellow and red peppers, strawberries, oranges and lemons. Another nutrient for making your skin healthy is Omega-3 and foods that are rich in it are flaxseed, walnuts and sardines. Also important is sleeping right; if you do not sleep adequately, you will have problems like acne breakouts, along with lifeless and dull skin.

Make Up

Make up may not be the best answer to how to get glowing skin, but still can improve your already healthy skin to a great degree. If you have already changed your lifestyle and seeing the result in form of a healthy skin, then use a little bit make up to get that red carpet look you have always wanted. Start with a light bronzer that will increase the gold tone and then even it out with a foundation matching your skin tone. For getting that sun-kissed glowing look without damage from UV rays, use a self-tanner. Lastly, remember to remove these make-ups before going to bed so that you skin pores do not get clogged.

Nightly Skin Care Routine

Your daily beauty regime should have a section for night skin care. The first thing to do before going to bed, is use a deep cream cleanser to remove any sign of make-up and then rinse your face with clean, cool water. Toner should be applied next; choose one that is perfect for your skin type. Use a cotton pad to apply the toner to your face and then use a heavy moisturizer to massage your skin. For the delicate eye area, use an eye cream. Lastly, remove any excess moisturizer from your face with a tissue.