Herbalife – The Mark Hughes and Herbalife Story

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Herbalife started as one young man’s dream more than 29 years ago. Mark Hughes was just 18 years old when his mother Joan passed away from an accidental drug overdose of prescription weight loss pills.

Being a part time model and actress in L.A, Joan struggled with her weight for many years and finding a convenient and effective weight loss method as a single working mom in the late 1970’s held little alternatives other than diet pills. Diet drugs are highly addictive, have terrible side effects and make it difficult to sleep so Joan also took sleeping pills and unfortunately she had an overdose and died.

This event and the situation of Mark Hughes life impacted him so profoundly that Mark decided that he would make a difference in the world by finding a safe and effective alternative to the diet drugs and pills that had killed his mom.

Mark had an interest in nutrition and particularly in Chinese Herbs. He studied these herbs and travelled to all parts of China speaking with the Chinese Herbal Doctors and discovered firsthand the incredible health benefits these herbs held on the human body. The Chinese Mark discovered had been using these herbs for thousands of years as their medicine.

Despite having no medical background, never finishing high school, no business background and no money Mark managed to find some who would listen to his idea and with their help and support and 1 year of testing and refining together they formulated “Formula 1.” A meal replacement made with soy protein, vitamins and herbs. Mark wanted to help people lose weight by replacing 2 meals a day with this formula and thereby reduce calories while still getting 100% of all the nutrition the cells needed for optimum health. And “Cellular Nutrition” was born.

In February 1980 at 23 years of age Mark got his first customer on the product, his granny Mimi, who lost 20 pounds and introduced 20 of her friends.

The word quickly spread that not only were people losing weight on this product but because their systems were being cleansed from the herbs, they started looking younger, getting more energy, blood pressure normalised and many other health benefits ensued and at the end of its first year Herbalife had sold more than US$2 million dollars.

Now armed with a whole heap of incredible health AND income testimonials the company quickly grew.

In 1981 US$10 Million

In 1982 US$52 Million

In 1983 US$148 Million

In 1984 Herbalife did US$402 Million making it the fastest growing company in US business history breaking all sorts of records and achieving remarkable things because of three very important factors.

1) The product. Mark decided right from the start that the Herbalife products would be made with the latest in science, technology and medical discoveries and no amount of time, effort or cost would diminish from that #1 purpose. The products would be the best form of food for the human body that money could buy. Combining Chinese Herbal wisdom of more than 6000 years with Western Nutritional technology and making it consumable, easy to prepare and tasty was certainly a task, but Mark Hughes and the team of doctors and scientists accomplished that.

Today the Herbalife product range includes weight management, targeted nutrition, outer nutrition, and personal care. All made with natural herbal ingredients and all designed to cleanse and nourish the cells of the body for maximum health results.

2) Personal Coaching. Mark realised the need for a “personalised” approach to weight loss. He knew that selling the products off a super market shelf would diminish its effectiveness so Mark decided that the best way to ‘change the world’ was with Multi Level Marketing. Through MLM not only would the consumer get the best products but they would also get the best service by having a Herbalife Distributor as their personal coach to assist them.

3) The Compensation Plan. Mark realised that for his dream of “making the world healthier”, to become real he would need a highly motivated team of distributors and so Mark created the compensation plan to beat all others.

1st The Compensation Plan pays a maximum of 50% on all sales. From high school students to moms, to taxi driver and even your family doctor making sales means helping someone improve health, and thereby adding a couple hundred or thousands of extra dollars to your monthly income.

2nd Reward distributors who grew an organization to help with the ‘Dream’. From 1 distributor to 100,000 you would be paid fairly on all of your team including wholesale commissions of up to 25%, royalties 15% and infinite bonuses up to 7%, vacations and World Wide Sales Bonuses amounting to 1% of annual turnover. In all Herbalife pays 73% of all product sales back to its distributor base making it the highest paying and fairest compensation plan in the entire industry.

Today the records speak for themselves. 29 years in business, 70 countries, US$3.8 Billion in 2008, listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Nobel Prize winning scientists, UCLA medical advisory board, over 100 Million RECORDED testimonials, the Herbalife Family Foundation supporting at risk children all over the world and landmark sports sponsorship deals including the L.A Galaxy and David Beckham are just some of the achievements. But most incredibly Herbalife is officially the “Number 1 Weight Loss Company in the Entire World!”

It is true that ‘One man can make a difference!’ Mark Hughes has proven that anyone with a dream and the determination to make that dream a reality can change the world for the better.

If you like the sound of this company and are interested to learn more then click here… Herbalife