Establishing Mental Health and COVID Immunity – A Vital Scripture Decoded

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“‘A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the LORD; it is holy to the LORD” Lev 27:30.

How is this verse relevant to mental and physical health, particularly regards coronavirus Immunity?

After reading its decoded translation further on, we shall see just how relevant and vital this verse is in defeating COVID.

There is also a practice technique we can use to get started.

But first some clarifying context regards literal ‘church’ tithing and ‘biblical’ tithing – there is a big difference, they are not one and the same, as we shall see. For while many religions refer to the Bible, the Bible is not referring to any religion or rituals.

The Bible, in all its wonderful magnificence, consists of 66 books and 40 authors. An instructional Manual on the science of mind, it presents coded wisdom on how humans can grow and develop spiritually in all aspects of mind/body/soul; volumes of advance knowledge in how to use our mental faculties positively for health, happiness and creativity, to include rapid immune response to coronavirus and foreign antigens entering the body.

Heavily coded, biblical syntax is not presented as ‘reading material’ as such – like a novel — rather as study material for decoding and ultimately lived through the mind/body consciousness for optimal well-being, mental peace and free-flowing exuberant love. Thus, literal interpretation of biblical syntax does not fully serve the evolution of the soul as intended by these divinely inspired authors.

In forgoing scripture study and its content assimilation into consciousness, we ignore opportunity of consciousness development beyond the born-into state of carnal primitive mind, settling instead for soundbites and memory referencing of others’ literal interpretations as opposed to direct revelation through our own Teacher awareness within.

The word Religion comes from the Latin Re-ligare: ligare means to bind, thus adding ‘re’ means to re-join, re-bind or link human and divine, while ‘church’ esoterically translates: mind/body.

No other person can achieve this ‘re-bind’ — of divine experiencing within — for us.

In essence, the nature of God is pure consciousness: instantaneous all-knowing vibrational love-silence which we’re each designed for coming upon through natural meditative means.

Silence is golden, yes, in that, by mind encountering vibrational love-silence it becomes healed, whole: an alchemy of base metal to Gold.

The fact is, at birth, our mental processes are uploaded in carnal conditioning from past lives: the deeper mind is operating under subconscious law. A level of programed soul-noise which has corroded the mind’s mechanisms leaving divine silence with no means through which to reflect within the mind/body physiology; thus, at birth, ability of spiritual discernment is not immediately to hand. This carnal or ‘worldly’ corrosion is known scripturally as the ‘veil’ of spiritual ignorance

In the context of ‘veil’ – causal of divine silence-wisdom being muted — the purpose of the biblical tithe becomes strikingly obvious, as we shall see.

Tithing is not about giving money over to others

Many have been led into believing that tithing is giving over one tenth of our earnings — of accumulated wealth — unto some church or religion. This is totally not true. The Bible’s meaning of tithing is far from giving money over to others in this way.

As clarified earlier, ‘church’ means mind/body. In this context, the word ‘tithe’ has been hugely misinterpreted, presented solely to mean, giving to a physical ‘church’.

Many also use ‘tithe’ and ‘ten percent’ in the same sentence, as two separate actions. The word ‘tithe’ is Hebraic for ‘tenth’ or ten percent. Thus we cannot say we’re tithing ten percent of something. Being one and the same, grammatically speaking, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Tithing, as presented in scripture, is totally not about giving money, goats, grain or physical land over to anyone. There is no ‘commandment’ to this effect. Framing it otherwise is a man-made concept.

So, what is scriptural tithing?

The Bible, as mentioned, is primarily about the science of mind — guidance on how to maximize the mental faculties to their highest potential both spiritually and morally. To this outcome – while allegorically presented — it deals with the integration of subconscious reactive thought patterns, the ‘veil’, the reclamation of dormant consciousness thereby come upon the submerged potential of our Being, biblically referred to as entering the promised land.

Due to this suppressed mental state, man is said to use only a fraction of his full mental/creative potential. This fraction of ‘usable’ mind is understood to be near one tenth thus leaving a valuable resource of ninety percent of consciousness untapped, thereby undeveloped.

At practical level, this controlling tenth dynamic ensures the other nine-tenths of consciousness potential remaining submerged and out of spiritual commission — thus conscious awareness is through the inherited subconscious patterns.

‘Tithing’ is a coded expression for surrender of this ‘in use’ tenth: surrender of the mental processes assimilating the subconscious content under law.

Thus, to expand the conscious capacity of mind — eliminate subconscious content — we must surrender or tithe the controlling subconscious mind-sets and thought patterns held in place by deep residual stress. Tithing thus at another level is also surrendering of stress — the fruits of the lower intellect — to God, in silence meditation.

Surrendering the tenth is symbolic of gaining 0 – completeness — of multiplying 10 to gain 100 thus triggering the law of multiplication. In other words, by surrendering the conscious 10% portion of mind, it increases one hundred fold to 100%, thereby expansion of consciousness and full mental capacity.

So, whether we say 10 or one tenth, doesn’t really matter, for both attract 0: both make one tenth into 10, or 10 into 100 [percent] meaning the fully integrated soul.

By giving within — meditation — we receive within consciousness

Breaking free of this subconscious law [of mind] thus lies in TITHING WITHIN, surrendering the born-into conditioned ego/intellect — the one tenth — thereby redemption of the submerged nine-tents, redemption of soul or, returning prodigal son. To this outcome, tithing is surrendering our stress-dependent mental activity unto inner silence, calm and stillness; which means unconditional non-involvement with our concerns, worries, desires and fears. A letting-go of past, present, future, to include achievements, societal status and expectations.

This is how consciousness receives immediate spiritual blessings, receives ‘release’ from carnal mind bondage, from automatically recurring ‘sin’.

Regular daily meditation develops increased spiritual awareness thereby establishing permanent liberation of soul from the bondage zone of subconscious law.

It becomes obvious now, that, no amount of outer tithing of money, to any person or place, can bring about inner release from the grip of subconscious law, other than inner tithing — of totally letting-go ‘our tenth’ in meditation.

Practice for inner tithing meditation

Sit upright on a comfortable chair. Palms open on lap — eyes gently closed.

Pause momentarily to centre the awareness between the eyebrows. Notice the calm nature of this pause.

Slowly bring this pause awareness to both nostrils. Observe the inflowing and outflowing breath through both nostrils simultaneously.

Watch the nostrils in a detached way.

Let breathing ‘happen’ beyond our conscious doing.

As breathing deepens — reduces in amplitude — transient thoughts will enter the mind. This is normal in meditation. Like the nostrils, simply witness the thoughts neutrally without clicking their links, which ‘clicking’ serves only to re-trigger the ‘veil’ – the one tenth – back into action.

Notice there is a Gap between each though. Widening or deepening this Gap disolves deep residual stress, de-corrodes and purifies the mental mechanisms, thus allowing for transcendental experiencing. The Gap — created by watching nostrils and thoughts — expands awareness into the ever-perfect Present Moment — our means unto health, bliss, natural free-flowing happiness and COVID immunity.

Be patient and know that each meditation – including restarts and pauses — represents further spiritual growth on our soul’s upward journey unto Wholeness, unto eternal Pure Consciousness.

Building from ten to twenty minutes twice daily would be ideal.

Leviticus 27-30 NIV translation: paraphrasing in brackets.

“‘A tithe (surrendering) of everything from the land, (of all our mental concerns) whether grain from the soil (creative thought seeds) or fruit from the trees, (tree of knowledge: all experiences, good and bad) belongs to the LORD (LORD translates LAW, meaning creation comes from the Laws of nature appointed by God); it is holy to the LORD (by transcending the Laws of nature, soul rises unto God consciousness and eternal liberation).

This verse totally relates to meditation and transcendence by means of surrendering the conditioned-ego/intellect unto transcendental silence within.—Primordial-Sound-of-Creation-and-the-Scriptures&id=9836137

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