Dry Roasted Edamame Beans and Nutrition

February 14, 2023 by No Comments

All soy foods are made from soybeans. There are many different types of soy-based snacks that are good for you such as dry roasted edamame. Nutrition wise, dry roasted edamame is a healthy and convenient snack that you can take with you everywhere you go.

Soybeans, unlike most other legumes, are a fantastic way to get your body’s need for high quality protein. This is a great way for those following a strict diet plan, such as vegans and vegetarians; to get the much needed protein for their bodies.

There are many benefits in having soy a part of your continuous dietary habits.

  • Soy is an especially good way to increase the amount of protein that comes from plants in your diet. Studies show that including more proteins from plants in your diet can lower your blood pressure as well as other benefits.
  • Adding soy to a meal can help cut saturated fats and your risk for a series of diseases. Using soy as a substitution for many items such as meat can be a healthy choice.
  • Soy is naturally cholesterol free. Having high coloesterol can lead to cardiovascular disease.
  • Including soy in your diet is a great way to boost your fiber intake. Items such as dry roasted edamame, soy beans, soy nuts, and tempeh are all great types of food to eat when trying to boost your daily dietary fiber.
  • Soy products naturally have a phytochemical called isoflavones. Isoflavons may prevent cervical cancer and bone loss due to post menapausal issues.
  • Adding soy to your diets can boost your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. Soy contains a good amount of B12, vitamin D, and calcium.

The benefits of soy are very good for the health of your body. It is also very simple to substitute specific staples in your diet to get the most benefit out of eating soy foods. You can choose to eat a soy burger instead of a hamburger, you can marinate tofu and bake it instead of eating chicken. Even simpler are soy dogs and soyrizo instead of hotdogs and chorizo.

Food made out of soy has become more popular over the years, meaning there is a higher demand for it, thus good for those who enjoy having soy in their everyday meals. Companies now offer an even longer list of soy subsituted foods, such as soy yogurt, soy milk, dry roasted edamame, soy butter, soy cheese, and even ice cream can be made out of soy foods.

The ability to have a larger choice of foods to substitute is good news for those with a limited diet such as vegetarians and vegans. Many of these soy products are even vegan friendly, meaning they have no dairy by-products, making these foods popular among the vegan crowd.

A great way to get started is to work soy foods slowly into your meals. It may be a good idea to transition yourself into a soy diet especially if you are not used to it. It is good to do this type of thing no matter what your diet is. You want to make sure your boys will adjust well to the new food group you will be adding: soy!

Some great ideas in adding soy into your meal can include tossing tofu in a stir fry in place of meat. Soy smoothies are great as a summer treat. A healthy trail mix can include dry roasted edamame, or even substitute ricotta cheese for soy in a lasagna dish.

Edamame can be a great snack for those of you who are on the go frequently. Dry roasted edamame nutrition is extremely good for you. It is high in protein and in known to lower cholesterol. It’s low in fat and is filling as well. So try a pack of dry roasted edamame, not only for it’s nutritional value, but for it’s great taste too!