Creams To Prevent Facial Blushing

Facial blushing is a harmless disorder marked by sudden reddening of the regions of facial skin. Any region from neck to ears could be affected by this disorder. Usually blushing is associated with some emotional feelings. A person blushes when she is embarrassed or feels shy or is inconvenient in the company of strangers. But it is also caused due to certain disorders. There are some creams to prevent facial blushing that have been getting a lot of buzz over the last several years.

This abnormal facial blushing is called erythrophobia or red burning face. Usually during blushing blood vessels in a region dilate as result more blood is accumulated in that region, there by causing reddening of the skin. Lighter the skin more visible the blushing is. Several physiological causes for facial blushing are Hyperhidrosis of face, excessive release of adrenaline.

Several methods for treatment for this disorder were proposed. Surgical treatments like sympathectomy, which involves cutting of sympathetic nerves in certain regions, medications like beta blockers (Inderal) and anxiolytics (sedatives) could be used. But these treatments were not successful as they are associated with several other side effects.

It was observed that in many cases blushing around neck occurred even after sympathectomy. Medications used could not reduce down the blushing intensity to the fullest extent. Intensity was partially reduced down. Hypnosis was also considered as a treatment for blushing but it can alleviate blushing caused to due to psychological factors to some extent. One other method for treatment of facial blushing that is being considered is usage of creams to prevent facial blushing.

There are few products that are available in the market for treatment of facial blushing. Among them most of the creams now available in the market are used to relieve one from blushing temporarily, very few creams work to prevent blushing long term. Several creams incorporate an ingredient GABA. GABA is an inhibitory neuron transmitter that reduces down the ability of nerves to fire impulses to the brain. So messages sent to the brain from these regions are reduced as a result blushing in these regions is also reduced. This kind of creams does not provide a permanent solution, but relieves the problem for a while. “Eredicane” is an example of the cream using this kind of formula.

The fact of the matter is that there are times that creams to prevent facial blushing even temporarily are all you need. You will be able to feel comfortable knowing that in certain situations you are safe and protected against the embarrassment of facial blushing. You will be able to go to a job interview, a party or any other kind of meeting without having your face flushed all the way through it. This can mean a lot to people who suffer from extreme facial blushing. That is why it is always a good idea to try several different creams to prevent facial blushing. This can be cost efficient if you know where to shop for these creams.

The internet is probably the first stop as it should be. When you choose the internet to shop online for creams to prevent facial blushing you will be able to compare all kinds of brands and ingredients. This is the only real way to make sure you get the creams at a good price.

You should also seriously consider reading though as many reviews as you can. It is in the reviews that you will find out if these really work. Unfortunately you cannot always trust what the manufacturers try to sell you or even what the studies say. You can however trust what people with the same problem as you say about their experiences with creams to prevent facial blushing. These people are the ones to turn to when you are trying to narrow down your search for the right product for you.