Book Review: The Kiss of Life From Emraan Hashmi

March 26, 2023 by No Comments

The Kiss of Life is a biography dedicated by a father to his beloved son. In this book, the Bollywood actor, Emraan Hashmi talks about the struggle of his family with the severe illness of his son due to cancer. This edition is about how his son, Ayaan defeated a disease like cancer and came out victorious in the battle for life after he underwent treatment. This book showcases how the larger than life experience left a family wiser and inspired them to help out others in dealing with grave problems.

What is The Kiss of Life?

First child of Hashmi, Ayaan was detected with initial stage cancer when he was four years old in 2014 and he was treated in Canada. The Kiss of Life refers to the coming back of a life that seemed to have become estranged from the family of three. The book covers the entire journey of a family in which a father, mother and a son came together to defeat a disease called cancer. A kid by then, Ayaan was diagnosed with tumour that had affected his kidney as well. It did not just take an elaborate surgery and several rigorous chemotherapy sessions. It was about something more.

Things That It Deals With

The amount of suspense related to the cure, period of uncertainty, suggestions on medication, seeking multiple opinions and the physical and mental trauma inflicted upon the sufferer and those related to him explains the pain. Feel the pain as you turn over the pages. The cancer tale of Ayaan mingles with the glamorous life of his father, Emraan in the Hindi film industry.

Lessons From the Family

The book comes off educating the readers to follow a healthy lifestyle so that cancer can be prevented as there is no better cure than the prevention itself. This writing gives the right detailing as the actor shares a good deal of information with readers from what food to eat and edibles to avoid to the sort of medication required and the whole research done in a period of turmoil. It also brings up the everyday lifestyle changes that you can begin to adopt.

This story mentions the physical pain underwent by the child and the entire diagnosis period to treatment ending with a cancer-free life. Apart from writing down own emotional struggles, guidance has also been taken from the treating paediatrician. The boy was told about his malignant tumour in kidney after undergoing chemotherapy in the second round. Then, it reflects upon how the actor became strongly empathetic and coped with the gloom.

This one is comforting and guiding in approach offering hope to people whose close ones are fighting critical illnesses.