Be Aware of Harmful Antiaging Skin Care Dry Lotions and Choose the Right One

February 6, 2023 by No Comments

We found recently that a number of people are looking for antiaging skin care dry lotion. Perhaps that meant for dry skin or a normal to dry lotion. Hopefully, they were not looking for the brand name of a popular sunscreen product. Because there is one that has a similar name that contains many things that are in fact harmful. Here we look at some ingredients that could damage and cause more of the outward signs of aging.

Essential oils, like citronella, are often used in antiaging skin care dry lotion. Any oil that is not cold pressed can become rancid during shipping. To increase the shelf life, company’s add preservatives like parabens, which may cause cancer.

Any of these ingredients, including citronella oil, often used as a “natural” insect repellant, can cause irritation, allergic reactions and inflammation of the dermis or the skin’s outer layers. In some cases, the dermatitis is so severe that it requires a doctor’s care.

You should never buy a product that does not have a “use-by date” and any cosmetics that are over a year old should simply be tossed. Mascara, for example, often lasts a long time, especially when used rarely, but most cases of conjunctivitis trace back to the use of old mascara. It can cause more serious eye injuries as well.

It has become common place to see sunscreens included in antiaging skin care dry lotion. Padimate-O is often used for this purpose. Studies have shown that this substance is absorbed through the pores and increases free radical production. Free radicals cause cellular mutations that become wrinkle and may lead to cancer. Thus, there is some controversy surrounding the daily use of screening lotions.

The major concern is that people believe they are protecting themselves from skin-cancer, but several epidemiological studies indicate that the screens actually increase the risk of melanoma, the most deadly form of the disease. Also, experts believe that people spend more time in the sun than they would, because they think they are protected. Another, less severe but still important concern is that the sun-screen lotions inhibit the body’s ability to produce vitamin D. Many cases of vitamin D deficiencies are attributed to over use of the lotions.

Other things to watch out for are fragrances. What’s wrong with smelling nice? Nothing, but use a dab of perfume instead of a scented antiaging skin care dry lotion that you rub all over your face and body. The term fragrance can be used on a label instead of the 4000 different chemicals that are used to create the scent. Most of them are toxic and some cause cancer.

Plus, smells have an irritating effect on your throat and sinuses. They affect the central nervous systems and can cause depression, hyperactivity or simply irritation. The nose is very sensitive and there is no reason to use an antiaging skin care dry lotion that will irritate it. There are safe all-natural products available that are actually more effective. Take the time to look for one and always read the label.