Amelan Depigmentation Treatment

April 12, 2023 by No Comments

Amelan depigmentation treatment is a patented skin lightening treatment that is available widely in cosmetic clinics throughout the world. How does it work and what are the alternative and, indeed, how does it rank when compared to these alternatives? Are there any other considerations you should have when using this treatment? Let’s find out.

What Is It And How Does Amelan Treatment Work?

Amelan is a treatment offered in skin clinics that lightens the skin. It is used especially for people who have skin lesions and patches and related conditions. For example, those suffering from melasma or chloasma experience the development of dark patches (often on the face) due to hormonal changes, sun exposure or a combination of both. Amelan treatment can help them to reduce or eliminate the appearance of these dark patches. It is also effective against acne scarring.

Amelan depigmentation treatment works as a face-peel that is applied to the face and left for around eight hours. It is then washed off and a cream is applied twice daily for around three weeks. Skin peeling similar to that experienced after a sunburn is normal during this time but the skin that appears below will be much lighter in appearance.

Amelan Results

As with all skin treatments, there are no guarantees. However, you can expect at least an 80 to 90 per cent reduction in darkness to the areas where the mask is applied. In practice, what remains can barely be seen because it blends into the surrounding skin. You can check out before and after pictures to get an idea of just how good a result can be obtained with this treatment.


Although makeup can be worn the next day, your skin will feel raw and have a pink appearance for around a week after treatment. While some people return to their daily life and work immediately, many choose to have some “downtime” and relax during this period. Beware of the sun though as it can lessen the result, especially in the first few days after treatment.

Amelan treatment will set you back around $1,500 but, as with any cosmetic treatment, you should shop around for the best deal as the treatment is pretty much the same wherever you go.


For several hundred dollars less, you can order an Amelan treatment kit for home use. Home cosmetic treatments are usually less efficient than clinic delivered ones. However, in the case of Amelan, I have no idea if this is the case or not. There is very little information on this and the home kit is actually quite hard to come by. For something as critically important as a strong face peel, my advice to you is to choose a clinic in order to obtain a good result from professionals. Do not take short cuts. Home kits, in my view, are only suitable for lesser strength mild skin bleaching-type methods.

Cosmelan is an alternative treatment but some people report a rebound effect. If you have the choice, I would opt for Amelan but if Cosmelan is the only treatment available to you then you should obtain a pretty similar result in most cases.