5 Ways Mangosteen Has Helped My Family With Health Issues

February 22, 2023 by No Comments

1. Colds: Since we started taking an ounce or more of mangosteen juice every day, we don’t get colds every few months like we used to do. In fact, I do not remember the last time someone in my family had a cold.

It used to be that at the beginning of the school year when my youngest child was in high school, he was exposed to more germs that he wasn’t used to. So, somewhere between two and four weeks into the year, he’d get a massive head cold, and then spread it to us. That just doesn’t happen anymore with that one routine of drinking an ounce or two of mangosteen juice a day.

2. Sore throats: Sore throats are pretty much a thing of the past since mangosteen juice came into our lives. If I do feel a little scratchiness in my throat, I just up the dosage to two or three ounces, and maybe take it once or twice extra during the day. It is an extremely rare occasion that the sore throat isn’t gone within a couple of hours.

3. Flu: On the rare occasion when my son did catch the flu, a dose of mangosteen would relieve the nausea, and after a little sleep the flu symptoms went away.

4. Back pain: My back pain has gone bye-bye. Back in 1992, I had fallen on a slippery floor in a grocery store. Afterwards, my back would stiffen up and I could barely move for several days, and that happened a couple times every year. Since taking mangosteen juice, the anti-inflammatory properties in it have taken care of whatever was causing the back issues, because I haven’t had my back go out for over two years. And, I have not been to a chiropractor or doctor for it.

5. Alzheimer’s Disease: Mangosteen juice came to the aid of my father and his Alzheimer’s disease in 2006. On October 31, 2006, I thought I had seen my father for the last time alive. I had to cross the country to go home for my son. The couple days before I left, I had talked to the doctor about giving mangosteen juice to my dad, and he agreed to one ounce twice a day. I would have liked more, but I was happy for that.

When I left that Halloween day, my dad was curled up in a fetal position facing the wall; I thought for sure I’d be back in a few days for a funeral. To make a long story short, day by day, my father got stronger and was able to sit in his wheel chair and he knew who people were and could talk with them a bit. He had six more months to live after that. The only explanation could have been what my dad’s nurse and my family called the miracle drink, since the doctor had taken him off his other medication.

Even if you don’t need relief from a major disease, as we head into the fall with kids going back to school, what better time to test the mangosteen juice out for yourself. The recommendation is to commit to taking the juice for three months to give it a chance to do its magic, especially on an issue that’s been going on in your body for a while.

On the other hand, there are issues where with consistent use you will feel better a whole lot sooner. For instance, after three days of taking mangosteen, my knees let me climb a ladder without pain to clean a ceiling fan!That might not work for everyone, but it could start helping the pain.

Something kind of fun to do before you take any is to write down any aches and pains that you are experiencing. Then each week, see what kind of progress you’ve had!

As is required, I do need to say that mangosteen juice does not claim to cure any disease, and you should keep in touch with your doctor for any issues you may have.

That being said, just – what if it does help you? Wouldn’t you be glad you tried it?